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Washing Machine Product Group Head

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Job Description


Make the strategy in short and long time to enhance market size, brand…



Make the strategy to develop product line up with good quality based on the market demand/trend.


Make sure sales & marketing know well about whole product


Job Detail

- Separate each kind of job for team
- Strategy to develop each kind of product for each channel/zone by custom/season/time based on the market /competitor/vendor summarization
- Summarize, analyze the market/trend based on channel, GFK, sales and marketing data and guide team the direction
- Cooperate with production technical to propose R&D project for production line, efficiency & quality
- Work closely with purchasing & QC Dept. to ensure the quantity volume with high quality for sales on time.
- Support logistics Depts. regarding for overseas shipping docs
- Cooperate with purchasing Dept. to request or update new material from supplier to increase product’s quality and decrease product’s cost.
- Summarize all information and propose improvement recommendation
- Make the plan to launch product to the market based on the demand/competitor’s products and the future trend to develop/drive the suitable product line up for zones/ channels.
- Maintain the good relationship with vendors, find new potential vendors for product line up, audit factory.
- Co-operate with factory to apply the certificate for goods following the Government’s rule before launching to the market.
- Plan to training for PG,PB, sales team, service team...
- Solving the product’s problem from other Dept. or complaint from market....
- Summarize and make the report as request
- Work with sales Dept. to make the yearly, quarterly/monthly (forecast) sale plan/promotion based on the current/new model with each channel/customs/ season/customs/ zone.
- Sales in-out/ turnover review and check the forecast, PSI & co-operate with sales team to supply goods on time for sales.
- Analyze the weakness & strength, sales points, benchmark, customs, season, demand, dis/advantage of competitor-channel to give the suggestion or improvement for sales/promotion program to get the best result for sales plan.
- Go on biz trip, meeting with channel with sales team to get the best efficient;
- With sale team: maintain and take care channel
- Co-operate and support marketing team for some activities like roadshow, event, TVC, catalogue, POSM…
- Co-operate with marketing to design booth, catalogue, POP... display goods in shop with best efficient how/when/where to attract end-user …
- Make the amount volume plan and share to finance/strategy Dept. to know the growth ratio
- Analyze and decide the price of goods to sell for each channel
- Calculate & control the GP, lost, promotion fee … for sales and marketing
- Control the product fee as well as cut down some cost for the best efficient.

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