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Mô tả công việc

- Responsible for warehouse activities from input, output and stock goods, warehouse safety, security,  clean, material, and equipment

- Formulate and review operational strategies and tactics to provide quality services that meet customers’ requirements and at the same time achieve good financial performance

- Ensure that the overall management of the warehouse system and operations are efficient and are able to meet customer requirements and contractual requirements.

- Monthly inspection of IRA stock count to ensure Goods security

- Liaising with customer on any ad hoc coordination

- Set-up discussion with customer for monthly & weekly performance review

- Build and maintain good rapport with customers to understand their requirements, obtain feedback on service performances and response to enquiries and service issues highlighted by customer

- Monitor staff performance, motivating and assigning team to works, training

- Identify and record process quality problems and initiate or recommend solution to these problems, verify and control the implementation.

- Conduct Monthly In-house Operations discussion meeting to keep staff informed and aligned

- Conduct Self Improvement program to achieve better warehouse and customization efficiency

- Take leadership in identifying & delivering any saving & Improvement opportunities for the Operations

- Manage sub-contractor

Phúc lợi

- 13th Month Salary

- Annual health check & Social insurance follow Vietnam Law

- Training opportunities

Yêu cầu công việc

- Hard working

- High responsibility

- Ability to work under pressure

- Warehousing and logistics process knowledge

- Proficient in Computer skill

- 3 to 5 years' experience as manager in the warehousing business

- Good use of means of communication, presentation, technical illustration if preferred

- Thorough and well-organised

- Intermedite English

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