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Mô tả công việc

1. Provide service to the client on site as per signed SOW (Scope of Work)

2. Operate and maintain medical facility on assigned site as per Intl. SOS MS Policy & Procedures and Client’s HSE policy.

3. Maintain cleanliness and good housekeeping of the medical facility and associated areas as per Intl. SOS MS procedure “Medical Facility Housekeeping – Cleaning”.

4. Ensure serviceability of the sickbay and all emergency medical equipment on site and take immediate step to rectify any deficiencies.

5. Effectively maintain and provide on highest level of medical care and primary emergency care to all personnel on site in line with Intl. SOS MS Clinical Practice Guidelines & other relative ACLS/ITLS protocols.

6. Maintain accurate medical records of the personnel onsite, i.e. blood group, allergies, past medical history, et cetera, Ensure S.O.A.P format in medical records are followed. Ensure records accompany personnel in the event of a medical evacuation.

7. Maintain strict confidentiality of all medical and administrative records under his/her care. Ensure that the data such as personnel medical information /as above/, employee addresses and telephone numbers et cetera are not released to unauthorized personnel.

8. Demonstrate good working knowledge of patient rights in relation to consent and withdrawal of consent. 9. Maintain and control stock of the medicines, disposable and medical equipment in medical facility of assigned site as per recommended list. 10. Ensure good record keeping of medicines, disposable, medical equipment and perform stock check as per Intl. SOS MS Vietnam Remote Site Inspection Check Matrix. Any discrepancy must be reported immediately to MS Operations Manager.

11. Demonstrate good knowledge and competence in all aspects of available medicine, consumable and medical equipment on site.

12. Maintain accurate records of all controlled/dangerous drugs available on site and ensure all controlled drug are checked and recorded in Controlled drugs log book on every crew change (on first and last day on site) of the doctors and after each administration, and submit copy of updated record to Medical Service (MS) Operations Manager/ Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) or Facility Manager (FM) on a monthly basis.

13. Record on site activities and patient consultations in ARGOS system and submit reports as per Argos - XML data extraction and submission guide.

14. Maintain and perform monthly inspection/performance check of all available medical equipment at assigned medical facility as per Manufacturer Instruction manual & Intl. SOS MS Procedures; take immediate step to rectify any deficiencies.

15. Ensure that the copies of the manufacturer’s operating manual for each item of biomedical equipment are available on site and filed properly.

16. Ensure all medical equipment is clean and stored safely.

17. Maintain good record keeping for the biomedical equipment maintenance and calibrations.

18. Clean and sterilize medical instrument as required by Intl. SOS MS Procedure and Guideline. Follow strictly the Intl. SOS MS Infection Control Policies.

19. Advise supervisor on site (OIM or FM) of the need for a medical emergency evacuation or reference of injured/sick crewmember on site and organize medical evacuation/reference in conjunction with Intl. SOS CD/Assistance Centre.

20. Escort patient to and from outside medical service providers for diagnostic tests if requested by Intl. SOS CD.

21. Notify immediately MS Operations Manager of any patient complaints or possible patient complaints.

22. Report accidents and incidents immediately to MS Operations Manager and submit the appropriate Incident Report Form.

23. Provide on time fully filled and accurate reports as per approved Intl. SOS MS Vietnam Reports Schedule to MS Department and client on site:

 Copy of Handover notes with First Day on site (to MS Department only)

 Monthly Clinic Activity report ( to MS Department and OIM/Rig Manager or FM)

 Monthly Inventory report ( to MS Department and OIM/Rig Manager or FM)

 Quarterly Self Audit report (to MS Department only)

24. Perform weekly health and hygiene inspections of all accommodation (catering/kitchen, laundry, mess, toilets, public bathrooms, cabins, storerooms, etc…) on site and report deficiencies to supervisor on site (OIM/Rig Manager or FM).

25. Closely monitor all aspects of health and hygiene in catering facilities including freezers, refrigeration food storage and report deficiencies to supervisor on site (OIM/Rig Manager or FM).

26. Provide ongoing (non-certified) First Aid training to first aid team/stretcher team, catering crew and all other personnel on site. Keep records of all delivered trainings to personnel on site.

27. Prepare and conduct to personnel on site occupational health talks (weekly)/health campaigns (quarterly). Keep records of all delivered health talks and health campaigns to personnel on site.

28. Conduct regular inspection and servicing of eye wash station, first aid kits and first aid stations on site.

29. Advise supervisor on site (OIM or FM) on medical waste management and ensure that all medical waste is disposed of in an internationally acceptable manner.

30. Demonstrate good knowledge of Intl. SOS MS Policies and Procedures, protocol for communication with CD / Coordinating Doctor/ and liaise with the CD through International SOS Assistance Centre as and when required as per Escalation Procedures for MS personal & Intl. SOS MS Clinical Practice Guidelines.

31. Participate in all emergency drills organized by the client on site and refresh skills of the first aid/stretcher team.

32. Ensure all injuries (regardless of severity) reported to OIM/ Safety officer or FM immediately.

33. Assist and participate in safety meetings organized by client on site.

34. Be available to work on assigned site according to MS roster and on call for medical emergency after working hours when work on site.

35. Wear Intl. SOS MS Uniform and maintain strict PPE policy during work on site.

36. Maintain safety policy and environmentally friendly facility at all times.

37. Demonstrate good communication and cooperation with HSE team as well as all other departments, third party personnel and Client Representative on site.

38. Maintain discipline on site and ensure compliance with Company Disciplinary procedures with regards safety on site at all time.

39. Demonstrate effective teamwork, good communication and cooperation with Intl. SOS MS Department and other MS staff as well as all other Intl. SOS departments.

40. Participate in safety orientation session for all persons arriving on the facility for the first time or as required (if this has been discussed and agreed with Intl. SOS MS Ops Manager)

41. Check and update personnel T-Cards lists for all muster stations and lifeboat stations regularly to assure accurate with POB list (if this has been discussed and agreed with Intl. SOS MS Ops Manager)

42. Maintain an up to date list of Personnel on board (POB) and Muster list at muster (if this has been discussed and agreed with Intl. SOS MS Ops Manager)

43. Attends training and meetings as and when required by Intl. SOS MS Department. 44. To carry out any other reasonable duties as required and agreed with Intl. SOS MS Operations Manager.

Phúc lợi

Salary: $1500.

Yêu cầu công việc

Required Skills and Knowledge

 Strong understanding of practical nursing process

 Strong understanding of emergency protocols and medic actions during an emergency

 Strong understanding of chaperone and infection control Policy

 Attention to details and problem solving approach

 Customer focused with good customer-handling skills

 Ability to interact with various cultures and all levels in a multinational environment

 Ability to analyze / solve problems in a fast paced environment

 Multi tasking capabilities to accommodate a multi-unit organization

 Able to demonstrate a professional manner at all times

 Able to demonstrate friendly, tactful attitude and empathy to patients

 Able to demonstrate initiative

 Able to demonstrate knowledge in all aspects of medicine and technical ability to operate all medical equipment

 Able to demonstrate good team work with other staff

 Able to demonstrate punctuality and good attendance

 Able to demonstrate neat and clean personal appearance

 Able to report to work on time, wear Intl. SOS MS issued uniform and identification badges

Required Competencies

 Quality focused

 Customer focused

 Good work knowledge of Intl. SOS MS Policy and procedures

 Good computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation, Outlook etc).

Required Work Experience

 At least three years’ experience working as a General Practitioner preferably in a high dependency or emergency area.

Required Qualifications

 Valid Medical Diploma of General Practitioner’s

 Valid Professional Certificate for the medical practice (MPC)

 Valid BOSIET/FOSET, BLS, ACLS, ITLS certificates

Required Languages

 Proficient in English and Vietnamese

Travel / Rotation Requirements

 Regular travels locally to assigned sites will be required

 May be required some travels to escort patient from site to the medical facility

 Non-regular scheduled travels locally and to neighboring countries to attend and obtain required medical professional trainings and certificates



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