5 highlights of an expert personnel ‘hunter’


Expert knowledge, fast adaptation, technology, persuasive … are the points of a headhunter – talented human headhunter.

Yamada Takafumi – General Director of CareerLink.vn said, headhunter is an important bridge between business and candidates, so many companies are always willing to pay high salaries to hire expert "head hunter" good.

Here are five highlights of a typical "headhunter":

Knowledgeable knowledge in many areas

A good headhunter is a person who always wears different "hats". This character will have to "play a role" from a sales specialist, stock broker, psychologist, even … executives. Because the best and simplest way to get the right people is their "role playing".

You will have a thorough understanding of the job vacancy, in order to sketch out the recruiting requirements, detailed and relevant questionnaires for effective screening and interviewing. To do this well, you need to constantly improve your knowledge in a variety of areas by reading more books, specialized journals, or in-depth discussions with leading industry experts.

Create attractive job board

If a CV is the first point of a candidate, the job information sheet is the primary "weapon" for creating a successful headhunter's "headhunter." . Creating a detailed job board is right, but not attractive enough to attract candidates.

In addition to thorough interview with the employer to write basic things such as: job placement, qualifications requirements, experience, complementary skills, application documents, recruitment time; You need to skillfully create points through "delicate" issues such as salary, allowances and other allowances.

By using subtle, charismatic words, a good headhunter turns a stiff, hard-hired job spotlight into a better, more brilliant job than the other job postings of the same company.

Fast-sensitive technology

A "hunt" always has certain deadlines and "fees", so a typical headhunter must manage well under the pressure of time. The recruitment position of the business can not wait too long, but also can not pick up the indiscriminate.

In order to fully tap the human resources, in addition to personal experience and networking, the headhunter will have to make the most of the resources available from technological advances such as online job brokers. , Social networking sites, search software.

Refinement in the filterIn addition, to shorten the time the "head hunter" will conduct preliminary rounds through voice calls, or video calling on the computer. From there, the time to find suitable candidates will be shortened and cost savings as possible.

Candidate screening is a typical job of a field worker similar to an accounting review. The first step to effective screening is the high concentration. Because sometimes you do not just work with several records that can go to thousands of records at the same time in a short period of time.

Being a "head hunter" you absolutely do not let yourself be dominated by personal feelings because this makes it easy to give unbiased views, fair to many candidates.

You need to look out for the "hidden" issues behind every smooth CV. Try to answer many of the questions that the candidates did not mention: why did they change jobs / companies in the same year? Why do they give up work in good positions, high salaries? … The fact that you find the "blind spots" that candidates try to hide will help the screening process becomes more effective.

Wide network of relations

At work, you will receive strict recruiting requirements that make it hard to find the right person. Therefore, a broad network of contacts will help you quickly sniff out potential candidates before they officially appear on the labor market.

Whether you are hugging for outstanding undergraduates, or keeping in touch with senior business executives, you will receive valuable information about hidden candidates. box. A broad network of real work relationships will be a big advantage for the headhunter in the quest for talent.


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