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To work alongside Sales and Marketing Leaders to develop effective Sales and Marketing teams.

Continually refine any sales role profiles for recruiting based on analysis of current performance and trends in the industry.  Profiles may also be impacted by Sales’ changes in go-to-market strategies.

Leverage available data to analyze it for determining the effectiveness of role profiles, recruiting and hiring processes, and compensation.

Facilitates process of candidate selection; interviewing; job offer; background check; and candidate on-boarding details.

Co-facilitates New Employee Orientation program for new hires.

Assess Sales and Marketing role performance effectiveness and provide suggestions on how to improve the appropriate coaching, training and mentoring activities for their teams.

Evaluates issues, patterns, and trends to provide proactive insights for HR solution and program designs i.e. training to address certain needs.

Perform as liaison for all HR functions (e.g. Compliance, Benefits, Payroll, employee satisfaction and engagement, performance management, etc.) 

Maintain frequent contact with all sales teams through participation in weekly sales team meetings.

Ensure sales management has developed an effective performance measurement system.

Be a strong advisor regarding sales compensation to ensure it is equitable, attractive, and drives the desired results.

Analyze and act on feedback from Sales and Marketing about the quality of recruiting, hiring and development activities for Sales that HR performs.

Partners with HR Director to grow the capacity of the organization’s key talent to include high potential identification and associated development programming.

All other duties assigned.

Phúc lợi

Attractive salary and bonus package

Work in a global, dynamic and friendly working environment

24/24 Accidental & Healthcare Insurance Package

Annual leave by job level Housing support

Yêu cầu công việc

3 years previous experience in one or more of the following areas in Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp companies or other Electronic Appliances Company.

           HR Business Partner role serving Sales, Consulting, Professional Services or other customer- facing organization.

           Sales managerial position.

           Consulting experience in a sales or HR environment.

Experience with coaching, directing, and motivating staff.

Strong time-management and organization skills.

Strong understanding of Sales concepts.

Strong process orientation, with understanding of resource management and allocation.

Ability to multi-task and manage multiple streams of work simultaneously.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

Ability to effectively partner with all levels of Sales leadership.

Interpersonal skills with teamwork, collaboration and confidentiality

Superior analytical ability (analyzing and reporting skills).

Well-developed systems thinking capabilities.

Ability to display strong self-initiative and support recommendations with sound thinking and fact-based evidence (data, research, best practices, etc.).

Ability to self-develop and leverage knowledge to become a thought leader.

High level of knowledge and applicable experience with HR functions such as Benefits, Payroll, Compliance, recruiting, hiring, and learning and development.

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Quy mô công ty : Từ 1000 đến 5000

Công ty TNHH Điện máy Aqua Việt Nam chúng tôi tiền thân là Công ty SANYO HA ASEAN đóng tại KCN Biên Hòa 2, Đồng Nai chuyên sản xuất Máy giặt, Tủ lạnh và Máy lạnh thành lập và hoạt động tại Việt Nam từ năm 1996. Chúng tôi triệt để ưu tiên về chất lượng, luôn cung cấp những sản phẩm an toàn và chất lượng cao theo yêu cầu khách hàng. Chúng tôi xem yếu tố con người là tài sản chính của mình. Chúng tôi luôn chú trọng việc đào tạo và tạo ra môi trường làm việc trong đó mọi người có thể phát huy hết năng lực của mình. CÔNG NGHỆ NHẬT – DO NGƯỜI VIỆT – CHO NGƯỜI VIỆT

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